The human eye is always drawn to color and movement. We can design your entrance or signage beds to make a favorable first impression. Combined with proper lighting, beautiful beds can make a statement every hour of every day. Effective doorway plantings provide a welcoming entrance for all to enjoy. Imagine the refreshing impact these plantings make on your tenant’s employees and their clients day after day.

Would you like to compete with the building down the street? Just change your landscape’s color scheme and pattern regularly and see your property get noticed. How about planting some daffodils and/or tulips in that ground cover bed to herald spring, or mums for the fall? Changing the color beds 3-5 times per year announces the seasons and lifts the spirits. Building managers consistently tell us these color changes have made valuable impressions on their tenants and guests.

Color changes are always exciting, allowing us to collaborate with our clients and suggest creative designs to enhance the grounds, draw attention to their building, and “WOW” tenants and visitors.

In addition to ideal soil preparation, mulching is of utmost importance and can give your property a necessary and consistent color palette, while nitrifying the soil and providing superb water retention for new and existing plant material. We recommend using only dark-colored mulch, such as hardwood or black. Using light-colored mulches, such as cypress, cedar, and some red mulches, can wash out the plants in seasonal color beds. Darker mulches create a much more pleasing color compliment. If mulch is too thin or open to the ground, it loses all of its functional and aesthetic properties.

Sometimes a fresh look can come in the form of xeriscaped grounds. Tall grasses, hardy succulents, and pops of color embody this landscape style. This trend found its roots in the long drought and has continued despite recent rainfall increases. Xeriscaping offers a modern minimalist look and can compliment a range of building styles. 




Things to think about:

  • Seasonal color plantings
  • Xeriscaping
  • Building entrances
  • Street entrances
  • Signage beds