Pest Control is best when it's proactive. We lean toward preventive care first. Most plants, if healthy, will fight off harmful insects and diseases on their own.

This is a major reason our specifications and services are developed and managed by degreed, licensed and experienced landscape professionals. With proper plant location, soil nutrients, light, drainage, timely and correct trimming techniques, and adequate moisture, your plants should stay healthy and grow to maturity without a lot of Pest Control services ever needed. Of course there are certain pests and situations that fall beyond anyone’s control. The best known are fire ants! This is why all our crews carry fire ant insecticide to kill the mounds weekly whenever they are spotted.

We also maintain beds against weeds and other invasive plants. We do this by intelligent planting design and regular weeding of beds.


Things we watch for:

  • Fire ants, aphids, grasshoppers and other destructive insects
  • Tree disease, leaf fungus, wilt, mildew, rust, mold
  • Weeds