We use our Landscape Architecture and Site Planning experience to redesign and install “new faces” for many of our properties. As an added bonus, we extend our warranty from the normal 1 year to 3 years if we do the design, installation, and continued maintenance.

Why? Because we know that if we do the construction, it will be done right the first time.  With our experienced construction staff and crews, our organization has the background and knowledge to foster the new plantings to maturity.

Due to the nature of plant material maturing over time, there will be a need to review the design intent and make plans for partial renovations. Examples include removing trees planted too close which were scraping the building, hurting the foundation, or planted under roof overhangs, removing overgrown shrubs blocking entrances and exits that result in liability situations, correcting drainage issues like soil sediments clogging drainage pathways, or replacing old brittle irrigation systems. Just like old interiors need updating, so does the exterior need a facelift to increase the property value and enhance the curb appeal for new or prospective tenants.


Short Budget Year?

Budget issues are not a problem. After a plan and budget are established, we help our clients establish priorities and can install the material over months or years from capital infusions or operating cash flows. Our intent is to continually help our clients maintain and improve their property’s appearance and increase its value over time.