Irrigation installation takes years of experience to perfect and a tight ship to maintain.

Our Irrigation Division is headed by Austin Henderson Sr. He is a 30-year licensed professional and has been with the JRR Company for 27 years. He and his assistants perform monthly site inspections to ensure your property is getting the proper irrigation coverage. JRR Company makes every effort to promptly address each issue that arises due to irrigation, and our field staff is trained to be proactive in noticing watering inconsistencies. Our fast turn-around time in action and repairs is what has kept our properties looking fresh and green, and our clients happy.


Irrigation Management Checklist

  • Timely reaction to broken heads, water leaks
  • Efficient use of water, not watering sidewalks
  • Timing schedules that make sense with the seasons
  • High-quality materials and installation expertise to reduce breakage and repair
  • Managing both the mowing and edging as well as the irrigation, resulting in fewer accidents to irrigation equipment such as watering heads